What Is Web Hosting and How Many Types Are Complete Guide

What Is Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting we’ll talk about what web hosting is, how Hosting Shared works, where to buy web hosting, the companies that buy web hosting, and the types of web hosting around you. If you want to know, please continue reading this post completely.

In the world of the Internet, it is very important to have your own website and maintain it, because it is not enough for everyone to maintain a website. For this reason, having knowledge of the blogging field is very important for creating a website. You have to remember this very small thing. For example, suppose domain name and hosting are very important to your website. This will give you the ID of your website.

Some strangers in the blogging world don’t know the hosting H. They can’t buy hosting according to their needs and have to face difficulties for that. Today, this post provides information on what hosting is, how to buy it, and the number of types. After reading this post completely, you can choose the right hosting.

What Is Web Hosting?

When you create a website or blog, you need to store all your content, such as images, pages, and pages, on a server so that others can access it over the Internet. Hostings is a type of services that allows to use us to upload our site to the Internet. Blogger vs WordPress

To run a website on hosting, you need a powerful server that needs to be connected to the internet at all times. Our website where users are running 24 hours a day without any problems.

This type of hosting cannot be maintained alone. Its maintenance costs are so high that it relies on web hosting companies for website hosting. Companies have their own powerful servers and technical staff.

What is the web hosting I mentioned above? And how it works This will give you an idea of the types and types of web hosting and their capabilities. There are four main types of hosting, and I will explain these four in detail.

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting

Shared Web Hosting

When we leave the house and go out to earn money, we live in rental housing by sharing the same room. Similarly, shared web hosting works the same.
Shared web hosting is called shared web hosting because it is a single server where thousands of website files are stored simultaneously on the same server computer.

I think shared web hosting is suitable for people who have just created a new website, as this hosting is the cheapest. With this hosting, you have to face problems until people start joining your website. Once people start visiting your website, you can change your hosting.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

  • This hosting is suitable for people who don’t have much money. You can use it with a small amount of money.
  • It’s very easy to customize this hosting.
  • If your business is small and you are just starting out, this hosting can be very helpful to you.
  • This makes it easy to install many tools and plugins, and hosting on shared hosting is very easy.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting is used on websites with more visitors, so it’s available at a lower price. If you need performance like a dedicated server, this hosting is for you.

Used by the various resources of the virtual server, the website can use as many resources as it needs. You don’t need to share it with other websites here. This website offers the best security and the best performance.

  • VPN hosting is also available for small websites that get more traffic in less time.
  • It’s much better than shared hosting, and much faster than shared hosting.
  • You have full control like a dedicated hosting.
  • In this respect, privacy and security are very good.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is an update, just as many websites share the same server space with shared hosting. A server in a dedicated hosting stores and files only one website.

This is the fastest server and there is no sharing. This hosting is very expensive because you have to pay all the money by yourself.
This website is only suitable for those who visit the site within a month and who want to make the most money.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting is a hosting where the content of the website is stored on different virtual servers so that the server does not go down even when there is a lot of traffic to the website. If one server is down, the content on our website is from another server and appears to be accessing.

If you are a beginner, cloud hosting is not for you. You can start with shared hosting. There are many security concerns with VPS hosting. Here, the content is stored on a virtual server that can be accessed from anywhere.

How does Web Hosting work?

When we create a website on hosting, we want the knowledge and information we share to reach people and people to read and understand it. To do this, you need to upload the file to your web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting

After doing this, when a user searches for a domain name in a browser on the Internet (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Uc Browser, Opera Mini), the Internet associates the domain name with the server where the website file is already stored. I will. ..

DNS (Domain Name Server) is used to link domain names to hosting. This allows the domain to know which server the website is located on because each server has a different DNS.

Where to Buy Web Hosting?

There are many companies from India to abroad that offer the best hosting. If your website is read by more people from India, if you buy hosting from India, I will take more time for your country’s hosting server to access the website That would be good.

You don’t need a credit card to buy hosting from all Indian web hosting providers. You can easily purchase from ATM, UPI, or Google Pay. If you purchase hosting, you can easily access it by associating it with your domain name.


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