Unique Blog Niches ideas List 2020


Unique Blog Niches ideas

It’s also the question you’ve been working on (or struggling with right now): Which niche is best for your blog? How do you choose?

There are blogs on almost every conceivable subject, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good, nor does it mean you shouldn’t start your own blog. We believe that anyone who makes the right effort to choose a niche market for a blog can build an online audience, even on ambiguous topics. Unique Blog Niches ideas

Let’s dig in! Take a look at how to choose the right blog niche for your site and 89 of the best blog niche ideas to inspire you.

Unique Blog Niches ideas

A blog niche is a topic or subject you write on your blog. More simply, it’s the answer to the question, “What’s your blog about?”

Determining a niche is an important step in building a blog. This is an important factor in determining the success (or failure) of a blog.

If you’re interested in monetizing your blog and monetizing online, it’s also important to choose the right blog niche.

What’s the Best Niche Topic for Blogging?

That’s a million dollar question! Ask the big blog masters online and they all give you slightly different answers. Unique Blog Niches ideas

Some say write what you know. Others say you choose a topic that you are passionate about, and you will never do what you say.

Both are good advice depending on your goals!

If you’re blogging for fun, you should choose a niche idea for the blog you’re passionate about. You don’t have to be an expert, but you need to know this topic.

If you are serious about making money blogs, you will need to choose a useful blog niche. This means that a topic needs a lot of viewers, and preferably viewers who are willing and able to spend money on things related to that topic. Check out this list of ways to monetize your blog before making a final decision. Unique Blog Niches ideas

Why Choose Blog Niche, Instead of Multiple Topics?

When you look at a niche idea for a blog, you want to write about all the topics you are interested in.

Looking at the list of niche ideas on the blog, you might find it a great idea to blog about everything you like, travel, craft projects, board game reviews, and more. After all, each topic has a large audience and there is never a shortage of interesting topics to write!

The truth is that blogging on multiple unrelated topics is not a good plan. That’s because most of the success of a blog is to increase loyal viewers.

To be sure, there are many people who are interested in traveling and board games. However, not many people are interested in both topics, so it will be difficult to increase the number of loyal viewers who want to read all posts.

Also, Google doesn’t know what your site is, which makes it difficult to rank blogs by search engine results and get traffic from Google. Sticking to one topic helps build professional authority on that topic, both for viewers and for search engines.

How to Choose a Blog Topic?

Let’s say you decide to focus on “travel” in your blog niche market.

If you’re blogging on such a common topic, it can be difficult to compete with popular established blogs.

Therefore, it is important to choose a narrower topic, such as a budget trip or a trip to a particular area. n the other hand, you don’t want to be too narrow.

When choosing a niche to write a blog, you’ll want to choose a topic that you can write regularly over the years to come. Very narrow niches like “hydroponics gardening fangear” will probably not work well in the long run.

why? The main reason is that you can struggle to find enough inspiration to write on a regular basis and get tired of writing about the same subject over and over again. There are just not enough readers and buyers for such a narrow topic to be a useful niche for you.

Instead, consider making your blog’s niche market a bit wider. Think about the different types of gardening you can do, indoors, outdoors, cities, flowers, vegetables, sustainable things, and more. Within this wide niche you can include all the hydroponic fan gear you need. But you have expanded to other closely related horticultural areas and are bringing their readers and customers to your community.

What Are the Most Profitable Blog Niches?

Unique Blog Niches ideas

Many bloggers publish monthly income reports, including Pat Flynn from SmartPassive Income, Chiara Ferragni from The Blond Salad, Gina Horkey from the Horkey Handbook, and Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from the Making Sense of Cents. They usually do so when they sell information products because they have already demonstrated their expertise in blogging genres and topics.

You can also search the blog’s income report further in the niche you’re interested in to see how profitable it is.

However, keep in mind that only the most profitable blogs are likely to publish revenue reports.

Top 10 Blog Niches?

General Blog Niche List

  • A personal financial niche that includes reducing your debt, repayment of student loans, reducing expenses, investing, or cryptocurrencies.
  • Health and wellness niches such as weight loss, healthy eating, mental health and mindfulness.
  • A parenting niche that includes different stages of the child, the lives of moms and dads, or different parenting methods.
  • A self-improvement niche that includes different philosophies, styles, methods, ideas, etc. for different age groups and demographics.
  • Build your website niche, including how to build your site using WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, how to design your site theme, and everything else related to your website.
  • A lifestyle blog niche that includes alternative lifestyles such as beauty and health, fashion, celebrities, camping, and preppers.

Let’s take a look at some more specific blog niche ideas that you can write on our huge blog niche idea list. We’ve categorized it into blog categories that you can start with, such as travel, and provided a number of specific ideas you can use.


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