How to Easily Change the Font Size in WordPress

Easily Change the Font Size in WordPress

Formatting and styling pages and posts in WordPress is a simple but important task when creating content that appeals to website visitors. Content optimized for fast reading reduces bounce rates and improves website visibility. If you can, grow your business.

Easily Change the Font Size in WordPress

Change Fonts In WordPress Themes

WP Theme Designer lets you choose specific fonts for specific areas in your theme. To change the font of a WP theme, you need to identify CSS scripts that assign fonts to specific areas (title, footer, body, .

If you want to use a new font, you need to make a record using the @ font-face rule. The first thing you need to do is choose a license font to using on the website. we Next, you need to upload a the selected font to the Main server. Finally, you need to specify the font familys at the #1 of style.css. We recommended that you use a child theme for your put in safety.

#. Change The Font Global

Change fonts globally across the themes is as easy as inserting a single line of code. Click on a Editor under the Appearance tab to find the theme editor. At the bottom of the page is a theme CSS stylesheet. The font is

WP Font Plugins

If you don’t consider yourself particularly tech-savvy, or just don’t want to mess with the code, it’s a good idea to use plugins to adjust font styles. In reality, many people are looking at WordPress because coding is foreign to them. Within the plugins directory, there are many free font resources to help you get the design you want.

1.Easy Google Fonts

With a Big Huge collection of fonts on Google, Easy Google Fonts provides an easy and easy way to add custom 7 Stylish Google fonts to your WordPress themes without Css coding. This plugin is integrated with the WP customizer so you can preview Google fonts in realtime on yourWebsite. You can change the color of each header to distinguish them. Find your Stylish font family and try others versions.

2.WP Google Fonts

Easily Change the Font Size in WordPress

3.Use Any Font

Unlike the options above, Use Any Font allows you to use the font in the correctness formating. Literally, whatever font you find on the website, you can grab it and add it to your site

The plugins is integrated with the Theme editor so you can highlight where you want and change the font there. You don’t have to selected the main theme menu, but you can.How To increase Traffic

If that seems like a daunting task, you have the option of setting one theme for your entire site and setting different themes for each element. This plugin is free and has over 200,000 Active Users.


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